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Predicting future commercial RE demand based on STEM job growth
2020-10-12T00:00:01-04:00 <p>A rise in STEM jobs should result in higher demand for office, industrial and multifamily properties</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-12:/commercial/235883
The struggle continues for American renters
2020-10-12T00:00:00-04:00 <p>Rental payment data doesn™t tell the whole story</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-09:/news/235793
Casa steps down as AIME chairman
2020-10-09T07:00:06-04:00 <p>After taking a leave of absence following blowback over lewd remarks, AIME’s founder is officially leaving his leadership role</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-09:/news/235792
Which states have the most residents in financial distress because of COVID-19?
2020-10-09T07:00:05-04:00 <p>Anyone else think we’d be done writing about the pandemic’s economic effects by now?</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-09:/news/235791
Those struggling with housing debt less likely to vote “ study
2020-10-09T07:00:04-04:00 <p>The struggle to meet housing costs is a problem across the political spectrum “ and so is decreased likelihood of voting in this year’s election</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-09:/news/235790
Millennial refinance surge continues
2020-10-09T07:00:03-04:00 <p>Low rates on all 30-year notes drive increase in refinance share for millennials in August</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-09:/news/235789
CBCMA backs $14M in affordable mortgages
2020-10-09T07:00:02-04:00 <p>The firm’s platform enables affordable housing organizations to create liquidity and banks to gain CRA credit</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-09:/news/235788
REPAY automates mortgage service transfers with new service
2020-10-09T07:00:01-04:00 <p>The payment processing company adds new offering to its mortgage servicing suite</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-09:/news/235787
Fiserv integrates with FirstCLose for automated property report ordering
2020-10-09T07:00:00-04:00 <p>The partnership allows customers to order reports on flood, valuation, tax and title</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/news/235650
Is the mortgage industry still underusing technology?
2020-10-08T07:00:06-04:00 <p>CoreLogic’s Sapan Bafna says lack of tech adoption made the 2008 housing crisis worse “ and the industry still has a way to go</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/news/235649
Global coalition raises questions about Airbnb IPO disclosures
2020-10-08T07:00:05-04:00 <p>Housing organizations are urging the SEC to get accurate data from the embattled platform</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/news/235648
Academy Mortgage designates Election Day as company holiday
2020-10-08T07:00:04-04:00 <p>The lender is giving all of its 2,100 employees Nov. 3 off</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/news/235647
Presidential election less likely to affect home buyers and sellers “ Redfin
2020-10-08T07:00:03-04:00 <p>COVID-19 has bigger impact on the real estate market than the US presidential election 2020 expert says</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/news/235646
Inlanta Mortgage hiring loan officers for new Ohio branch
2020-10-08T07:00:02-04:00 <p>Inlanta is looking to hire loan officers and underwriters in Columbus</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/news/235645
LoanBeam, Freddie Mac to improve income analysis for self-employed borrowers
2020-10-08T07:00:01-04:00 <p>The collaboration aims to mitigate buy-back risks related to qualifying income</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/news/235644
Top investment firm utilizes HouseCanary’s AI tech to grow its portfolio
2020-10-08T07:00:00-04:00 <p>Transcendent partners with HouseCanary to support its intended acquisition growth</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/commercial/235643
As Trump pulls plug on relief talks, almost half of small businesses need further financial support
2020-10-08T00:00:01-04:00 <p>New data from the NFIB finds a heightened risk of layoffs for about 20 percent of its members</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-08:/commercial/235642
Study finds Prop 15 won™t be damaging to small businesses
2020-10-08T00:00:00-04:00 <p>Commercial and industrial property owners remain concerned about implications of Prop 15</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-07:/news/235539
Is your business plan market-proof?
2020-10-07T07:00:06-04:00 <p>Coach Bill Hart and Flagstar Bank’s John Gibson on why a business plan is essential “ and why it needs to be flexible enough to adapt to market shifts</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-07:/news/235538
Michele Anapol on the value of being an effective communicator
2020-10-07T07:00:05-04:00 <p>Clear and focused client interaction is as important as up-to-date industry knowledge</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-07:/news/235537
New American Funding co-founder named among nation’s most powerful Latinas
2020-10-07T07:00:04-04:00 <p>Patty Arvielo has built NAF into a company that is œstrong because of its diversity”</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-07:/news/235536
Home-price growth hits 2-year high, but predicted to topple in 2021
2020-10-07T07:00:03-04:00 <p>Expert says “imbalance” between demand and for-sale inventory exacerbates home appreciation for lower-priced homes</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-07:/news/235535
Sovereign Lending Group to host virtual mortgage job fair
2020-10-07T07:00:02-04:00 <p>The one-day hiring event will also be open for those with no mortgage experience</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-07:/news/235534
Mortgage Contracting Services makes ownership changes
2020-10-07T07:00:01-04:00 <p>MCS recapitalizes balance sheet through “substantial reduction in debt”</p><img src=”” alt=”” style=”max-width:240px” />,2020-10-07:/news/235532
Home Point Financial brings on chief people officer
2020-10-07T07:00:00-04:00 <p>The mortgage lender wants to focus on its most important asset: people</p><img src=”” alt=”” st

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